Sunday, April 5, 2015

Marco Bitran: The Fast and Effective Defensive Tennis Techniques


There are multiple factors that compel a tennis player to improve the defense techniques during a competitive match. The footwork, speed and the ball hitting techniques are the crucial factors that are responsible for the improvement of the defense mechanism of the player by all possible means. Your objective is to understand the best way to hit it and to put the opponent player in a challenging situation. This article will highlight on a few defensive techniques that are followed by the tennis player to improve the defensive skills.

Know how to remain in the right position on the court

You may often go out of your right position in order to get the next ball that is thrown by the player on the opposite side. All you need to do is to hit the shot in order to return to the right position on the court. Hitting the ball will allow you in reducing the recovery time and allowing it to reach the opposite side of the court quickly. An effective strategy is to strike it as well as return yourself to the middle portion of your baseline.

The popular players understand the tactics to hit down a shot. It helps you to return to the defensive position and this kind of shot even helps you to return to the original point.

Hitting the tennis ball across the court allows you to get ample scope of time in recovering the time. The harder you select to hit it in a particular situation, the lesser time you can get to recover as well as to return to the middle part of the court or even in a decent position for another shot.

Defend yourself when you are overpowered

If the other player is playing on a baseline and you are being overpowered and you are compelled to move around the court, hitting it seems to be quite challenging for you.

Develop the technique to strike the baseline match

Your next step is to reduce the frequency of shot and to hit down the tennis ball on the court. It is vital to remember that your opponent player would find it difficult to hit it at a fast pace if you are unable to work hard with it. Plus, you should not try to alter its direction at any point of time. When they hit it across the court you must try to strike it across the court if you are in great trouble.

Increase the power of your backhand

It is quite easier for you to strike it in the same direction from where it is being thrown. You should not try to strike it if the player on the opposite side tries to hit it across the court. You may find it quite difficult for you to alter its exact direction at any point of time.

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