Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Marco Bitran: The Beginner's Tips for Learning Tennis Techniques

Playing tennis is quite enjoyable only when you are capable of learning the basic techniques and methodologies. If you have the willingness and if you have the proper motivation, you will be able to learn them in the best possible way. This article will highlight on a few important tips that the beginners should consider in order to learn this type of sport as quickly as possible.

Practice with definite purpose

The first step is that you have to practice this type of game with a definite purpose in your mind. When you practice it with a proper focus, it will help you to improve your energy level and it will also allow you to increase your productivity to a great extent. Plus, you will be able to create your own target in terms of your performance on the court and you will compare your performance level according to the target that you have set on your own. If you practice with a definite purpose from the first day you will be able to show your desirable result within a short span of time.

Keep a proper record of your performance

You should always maintain proper record of your performance on the court. You can keep the details of this type of record on your own dairy or you can also maintain your own logbook. It is vital that you should make entries in your logbook or even in your diary regularly. For instance, you should write what your tennis instructor tells you or you should write down what mistakes you need to improve for good performance. If your instructor asks you to focus on your forehand technique, it is advisable that you should immediately mention it in the book along with the necessary tips and suggestions. If your backhand technique is weak, then you should write it down on the book and you should also write down important suggestions of your proficient instructor in this matter.

Play slowly on the court

You should spend a lot of time to learn a new technique or methodology. You can think of it as a task that you take up in order to develop a basic foundation of your building. When you build up your foundation, then only you should think to take it further to the next level. Similarly, you should first learn the basic techniques of tennis. These techniques include mental strategies, footwork tactics and other fundamental tennis techniques.

Get ready to face adversity

You may take a lot of time to overcome your weaknesses and you may also require an ample scope of time to improve techniques of this type of sport. Your goal is to try to learn the right technique from the first day of the training session and to seek suggestion from a proficient instructor from time to time. You need to take the help of this type of proficient instructor who can help you to adopt appropriate method and who can help you to overcome your weakness by all possible means.

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