Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Marco Bitran, Tennis and a Healthy Release

Marco Bitran is a thinker and a psychologist at heart. Yes, we all have our demons. Some can be defeated and some cannot.

"Freud's notion of sublimation proved to be excellent information for me personally," said Marco recently. "He taught that all of us have desires and undesirable emotions, but they are sometimes redirected into wholesome tasks. Mine is tennis.

"You can't pick only something or it's merely a distraction. By assembling your skill set with a passion and deciding on it, you're also developing as an individual. Go function on the net for an hour or so if you feel furious. In case you feel gloomy, practice your backhand swing. This is really a healthy way of managing and transmuting negative emotions."

Here is a good example:

Let's say a co-worker made you extremely frustrated or mad. Or, maybe he actually punched at you in a fit of rage. Lashing out at your fellow employee might not be the best solution (although you might feel like doing it).

Instead, maintain your composure and then let off some steam later while practicing your tennis serve. Now, you have turned a negative into a positive and you're taking another step into becoming a better tennis player.

This is tennis for Marco Bitran.

As he moves up on the League's ladder, he knows he is developing more and more as an adult. It might not necessary be physical, but it could also be religious as well. A light is cast by facing your shadow and no shadow can survive in the direct light of personal, dedication, awareness and investigation.