Thursday, April 2, 2015

Marco Bitran: Advantages of Playing Tennis


When choosing a sport to play, tennis should be your top choice. Tennis can help you stay in shape, improve your mentality in life situations, as well as giving you a better chance at finding a good job. Knowing how to play has been known to improve the lives of families and children because it teaches them how to incorporate tennis into education and health. This sport has been recognized as being a "sport for a lifetime" because it can be picked up by anyone at any age as well as it not being to hard on your body.

The effects that tennis has on your body can range from getting fit to even fighting diseases and strengthening your immune system. It enhances your aerobic fitness by being able to burn fat and improving your cardio fitness and being able to withstand a high level of energy for a long period of time. As well as increasing your anaerobic fitness by increasing short and intense bursts of movement during a point followed by a short rest which allows the muscles to use oxygen efficiently. Tennis also helps you have a powerful first step in order to be able to anticipate have quick reactions in order to get to the ball and helps you have good speed and coordination. There is a more prominent strength in your bones which prevents osteoporosis. It also promotes healthier habits due to having more of an impact on nutritional values because it requires you to have more appropriate meals before and after playing to have proper recovery for the next time you play.

Tennis burns calories, keeps your body strong, and encourages an active lifestyle.

The mental aspect of tennis has you develop discipline, work ethic, control stress, and plan as well as implementing strategies. It develops athletes to have positive personality characteristics and creates a higher self-esteem and optimism which fights against: depression, anger, confusion, anxiety and tension. When playing tennis, you forget the world and nothing matters; the fact that you release tension every time you strike the ball is an invigorating feeling. When fighting off your opponent there comes a time where you are nervous or scared and this is the time in which you must shut down that negative voice and embrace your confident self. The sport also teaches you how to behave towards others and have respect your opponent no mater if you won or lost the match. These psychological reasons help you become a better person and learn how to deal with pressure and anxiety. All in all one must have fun and all of these mental setbacks will seem far away.

There are many employers who more often than not hire tennis players over any other athletic players.

Employers seek candidates with top qualities, in which tennis players posses. Tennis players are trained to solve problems quickly because during a point you must make a decision in a split second in order to win the point successfully. When faced against a difficult opponent, even a tough problem you must be able to think on their feet to find alternative solutions. Bosses wants to hire someone who is a hard worker, self-motivated, and passionate. These are the three most important characteristics that a tennis player has because this is one of the few sports that is not part of a team. One plays alone and faces all of these difficult challenges on their own. There is a need to be disciplined on court and off because at the end of the day it all comes down to how badly you want it and what you are willing to put on the line to make your dream a reality.

Tennis is an amazing sport which can bring many benefits to both your health and mental/emotional growth. It is never too late to learn how to play, what you learn with this sport will help you throughout your lifetime.

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