Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Marco Bitran: Essential Steps To Prevent Tennis Injuries


Tennis is a physically and psychologically tiring sport; one who has ever played this game, can understand this very well. It is characterized as a force continuance sport, which implies it obliges your body to go through many multi directional developments. These developments can stack the body with a ton of muscle pressure and physical anxiety. It is necessary to have great adaptability and Range of Motion around the joints to keep up ideal practical development.
Expert Author Giselle Martin
It is improbable that tennis players will go through their career without ever experiencing an injury. Out of total injuries within tennis players, under half players' injuries are lower limb (40%), upper limb injuries (25%), Trunk/back and abdomen (20%) and rest are thigh, hip, head, eye (13%).

Tennis players of all levels need proper information and directions about warm ups, cool downs and recovery. Following are the approaches to reduce the risk of tennis injuries. These are known as "Pre and Post tennis Phases" of warming up, chilling off and revival.

Warm Up - Essentially a successful warm up increments your heart rate and blood move through the body. It helps setting up the muscles and joints for tennis wellness works out, and empowers the sensory system. 

So hitting the court cool without a successful warm up can build the danger of damage and may likewise abandon you feeling even and drowsy.

Cool Down - Cooling down is paramount post practice or match. It permits your heart rate and breathing to return progressively to resting levels. It will help expel waste items from your muscles; this can develop throughout practice or matches. This phase should not be ignored by a tennis player to avoid muscle damage. Extending post workout will assist stretch the muscles once more to their unique length.

Recovery - Effective revival after matches or practice will help minimize muscle soreness (DOMS), help avert harm because of snugness and lessened reach of movement. Restoring hydration and vitality levels; with the goal that the body can refuel and help repair any damage to muscles. This phase is usually ignored by most players but it is equally important to give your body some relaxation and refueling and escape from any kind of injury.

They say Prevention is better than Cure. Training under the guidance of an experienced tennis fitness trainer and following above-mentioned simple steps regularly can ensure prevention of any kind of tennis injuries.

Giselle Martin is the fitness trainer of renowned Australian Tennis player Casey Dellacqua and the co-founder of Tennis Fitness. She has worked on the Professional Women's Tennis Circuit since 1999. During this time on the tennis tour, she has worked with some of the best tennis players in the world, such as Arantxa Sanchez, Jennifer Capriati, Martina Navratilova, Samantha Stosur and many more.

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