Friday, May 1, 2015

Marco Bitran: Tennis Players And Injuries


Tennis is a complex sport that requires a lot of training and hard work. Most, if not every tennis player will develop some form of tennis injury during their careers.

Tennis related injuries could be put into two categories; over use injuries and trauma injuries.

1. Overuse injuries often develop slowly and can start out as mild discomfort that gradually increases and becomes painful. Some common overuse injuries are:

- Tennis Elbow - A very common cause of elbow pain due to the chronic irritation of the tendons on the outside of the elbow.

- Wrist Tendonitis - Caused by irritation and inflammation around the wrist joint.

- Shin Splints - Pain at the front of the tibia bone of the leg (shin bone). Could be strained tendons, but stress fracture is also common.

- Heel Strain - Caused by inflammation where the Achilles' tendon attaches to the heel bone.

- Knee tendonitis - Caused by inflammation of the knee tendons.

- Stress fractures - These generally occur in players lower backs and lower legs. Stress fractures are bad injuries and most of the time the best treatment is rest, for up to 6months.

Most over use injuries can be avoided; finding ways to prevent them is the key. Making sure players have the right equipment is important. For example, playing with properly sized and gripped rackets, and using correctly fitted tennis shoes, not running shoes, and shoes that give proper support, are critical factors.

Always warm up, cool down and stretch after tennis exercise. Having a good team will ensure players are getting the right technical advice, which will prevent injury. Getting the right amount of rest is the most important factor, doing too much with not enough down time will lead to injury. This is where having a training plan will help the longevity and success of a player.

Working with a structured on court and off court tennis training plan will minimize the risk of overuse injuries dramatically by; allowing the body to rest and recover, building strength and stability throughout the body, release muscle tension and increase flexibility.

2.Trauma injuries are injuries that occur in an instant. Some examples are; Sprained ankle (rolling the ankle joint) falling on court and getting an abrasion, straining the knee (sudden pain in and around the knee joint)

Trauma injuries can be scary for players as they happen suddenly and initially can feel a lot worse than they are, some players may go into shock, feel faint and get nausea.

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