Friday, May 8, 2015

Marco Bitran: Improve Your Tennis Skills Quickly With This Unconventional Tip


Would you like to improve your tennis skills in the shortest time possible? Silly question I know. Most people go about this the wrong way though. They might go to more training sessions. In a match they might try to hit the ball harder or at a tighter angle. They'll go for riskier shots and attack at the net more. While these things are good and if done in the right way can yield some benefits, there is a better way to improve your tennis skills.

You ready? Read about tactics! Once you reach the intermediate level this is the fastest way to improve your game and start winning more matches. It is often said that knowledge is power and this is so true in tennis! if you know sneaky things to catch your opponent out (all completely legal of course) you will gain a massive edge

You could be at a tournament or playing a match against someone at your club, and there will be a high chance that they have a limited knowledge of tactics. This person may be much better than you technically.

Their forehand could be stronger than yours, their backhand more consistent and they may be unbeatable at the net. However, if you are strong tactically, you will know not only how to find their weakness, but how to exploit it over and over again.

It's not enough just to read. You could spend a month reading about every tip, tactic, technique and nuance of the game. Just because you know a lot doesn't mean you can do it. After all if you learned everything but had never picked up a racket before, you still wouldn't be a good player.

As you practice and play matches, start to implement what you learn. Don't change everything at once but one thing at a time. Play attention to the tactics you are using in these matches.

Perform drills that help you to learn them and perfect them so that when it comes to play a match, and you spot your opponent is weak at the net, you will know how to force him to the net as much as you like. A series of tactics you know how to execute over and over again is the best investment of time you could make to improve your tennis skills. Spend some time learning this and I promise you will win more matches.

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