Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marco Bitran: The Fundamentals of the Doubles Tennis Matches

Expert Author Donald Finch 


There are a few techniques and rules that you need to follow to play doubles tennis matches. The tennis match is either held between two players or between the players in two pairs. If you wish to become an expert in a doubles tennis match, then you have to know the tactics to approach the match just like a professional. There is a huge difference in psychology when you play doubles tennis match because you need to deal with your opponent and your partner. This article will highlight on a few important aspects of doubles tennis that you need to adopt to secure good scores in a tennis match.

Choose the right tennis partner

When you wish to play this type of match, it is advisable that you should find out a suitable partner. It does not mean that you should pick up an expert player, but you should find a player who plays at your similar level and who compliments the match. For instance, if you serve well around the tennis net, but you do not return the serve in a perfect way, then you should find out a suitable partner who helps you in this matter.

It is vital that you should select a partner who is compatible with you and who also has a pleasant personality. If you are a person who wants to dominate the other player, then you should find out a partner who is open to your valuable suggestions and who will be happy to follow you in all possible ways. Similarly, two tennis players with timid personalities also are not desirable because there is no one who can play the role of the decision maker. Selection of a suitable partner for your personality as well as your match style seems to be quite crucial.

Play your first ball in the best possible way

One of the important aspects of doubles tennis match is the way you play your first ball. In this kind of match, the serving or returning techniques seem to be crucial for your first rate tennis performance. The way you play the first few balls will determine your fate.

The attitude of the player who returns the serve is equally important. While returning the first serve, the returner may not seem to be highly aggressive or even offensive. However, the thought procedure of the same returner will effectively change when the returner receives the second serve. The opponents seem to be quite dangerous when they return the ball and they seem to become offensive.

There is a pair of people on your opposite side and there is hardly any involvement of a single player. It makes the hitting procedure quite difficult and it often leads to multiple mistakes and difficulties. The best idea is neutralizing the opponent, thereby hitting the return when they are not serving the ball. In this way, you can reduce the chance of free points that you lose when you make careless mistakes and you can enhance your opportunity to secure the point.

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