Thursday, June 11, 2015

Marco Bitran: Improve Tennis Serve - How To Serve When You're Playing Doubles


One of the times when you are going to need to improve your tennis serve is when you are playing doubles.

There are many things you can do that can put your opponents off rhythm but there also things that you can do that can end up putting yourself and your partner in trouble during the game so you need to make sure that your serves are smart.

What you need to do is watch your opponent firstly and see how they react to different placements of the ball, you will notice that there will be a weaker side that they face and some areas you will need to avoid as it will be their stronger side that they can simply just smash back at you and your partner which is the last thing that you'll want to happen as this could put the both of you on the defensive.

Sending a ball out wide is normally every opponent's weakest point as it means they have to stretch and reach out into a position that could be uncomfortable for them causing a sloppy return that can easily be volleyed back at them for the point. However, the disadvantage of this during double is that the ball can easily be stolen by the net man and hit at an angle that could be a problem for you and your partner. This is a risky shot but could end out being advantageous if you can manage to get it past the net man and make their partner stretch into an uncomfortable position for it.

Another option is to try and aim the ball at your opponents body as this will make them have to move their body out of the way and into a position that allows them to return and in the time it takes them to do this your partner has the time to get into a position for an easy volley. Make sure you have control over the ball when you launch it as you don't want it moving around uncontrollably but this is a very effective place to position the ball even if it isn't as fancy as the aces it still will cause your opponents trouble and could cause them to become off rhythm.

There are plenty of other serves you can do you just have to keep in mind how your opponent will react for example if they are tall then maybe they will be able to return the wide ball with ease or maybe they would find it harder due to the fact that they are going to have to move quickly to get to that area. However maybe tall players will find it harder when you aim at the body because they have more to move out of the way than shorter players will.

Things like this have to be kept in mind so you know how to mix it all up and keep your opponents on their toes, remember that you can slow down your usual rocket stroke and add a load of spin to confuse them.

To sum it up, if you want to improve your tennis serve when playing double then you're going to wake to learn how your opponents react to different serves and use that against them and not only that but you will also want to communicate with your partner so they know where they should be and where the ball will be.

Knowing things like this can be very effective is you want to improve tennis serve, you just need to know more about the serve. If you want to make your serve more deadly then something you can do is check out this blog where you can find more information on the serve and how you can improve it.

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